Our Mission

Sack the Stigma was created in 2021 with the intention of destigmatizing mental health struggles (for everyone) and increasing access to mental healthcare among the current and former student-athlete population.

Our goals are threefold: raise awareness of this issue, educate students on available (feasible) resources, and ultimately increase access to mental healthcare opportunities among this subset of university students.

Through the sale of thoughtfully designed merchandise collections and execution of interactive events, we raise money and drive awareness of university-wide mental health resources, thereby ensuring athletes are properly cared for and supported (and awareness for the whole population is reached).

Our Vision

Sack the Stigma will break down barriers that hinder student-athletes from accessing proper care, while minimizing the stigma surrounding receipt of care. 

We hope to partner with universities across the country to facilitate student storytelling campaigns, collaboratively design merchandise collections, and create engagement and fundraising events. 

Proceeds raised from our fundraising efforts will be allocated towards increasing and improving opportunities for current and former athletes to receive mental health care and support.

Our Team

Brett Gray
Director of Business Affairs and Operations
Jared Wangler
Strategic Advisor
Carly Silverstein
Director of Philanthropy and Communications
Laura Shelton
Social Media Graphic Designer